the best of qualities is dispassion

Month: September 2015

I Dig Diigo

As part of an assignment in my Social Media class I was required to try a new tool, resource, or community that I was curious about. The professor listed a few sites and I settled on Diigo. I actually tried a few of the sites […]

Laughter as a Disciplinary Offense

I read the following passage in a summary of Daniel H. Pink’s book, A Whole Mind, under the subheading Play: “Why is Dr. Madan Kataria laughing? … Kataria a physician from Mumbai, India likes to laugh. A lot. In fact, he believes the laughter can […]

Noam Chomsky Surprises Me Concerning Persuasion

I recently ran across the following quote from Noam Chomsky and I must admit that it surprised me. I always took it for granted that a thinker and activist like Chomsky was always out to persuade others. This short passage really made me stop and reassess my behavior, as well as the behavior and teaching techniques of many educators I have encountered.