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Month: March 2016

Off-the-Shelf Adventure Videogames and Foreign Language Learning Cycle 4

  I am preparing to teach English in Asia and, therefore, have an interest in digital devices that can support students in their English language acquisition. Because I will be primarily teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) where most students will not be afforded […]

Graphite and Me Cycle 4

In my previous affinity space blog entry, I wrote that I would become more familiar with the site and experience some of the interesting games and products that I saved to my Graphite board, which is located on my personal desk space. And so I […]

Play Journal Cycle 4

The board game that I played for Cycle 4 is a traditional Korean board game called Yut Nori. Nori is actually the Romanized Korean word for game, therefore, this game is usually just referred to as Yut, which is pronounced yoot. My wife, Hye-Jin, purchased our copy of the game approximately ten years ago and was very pleased when I finally expressed an interest in playing it for this class. Yes, I’m just dripping with guilt as I write this, both marital and cultural. (more…)