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Month: April 2016

Graphite and Me Cycle 6

“I hate everything that merely instructs me without augmenting or directly invigorating my activity.”   – Goethe Although I personally try to avoid the word hate I do wholeheartedly agree with the overall sentiment of what Goethe was communicating. So, permit me to share the fact […]

Second Language Leaning in MMOs Cycle 6

Interest driven learning in higher education is a new concept to me and it took some time this semester to truly understand what it meant. At some point in the semester, I was actually engaged in it before I fully comprehend how valuable it is […]

Play Journal Cycle 6: Failed Play

I strayed from board gameplay this cycle and instead opted for a Korean card game, which is most often called Go-Stop, in the west. The game originated in Japan where it was introduced in hopes of reducing gambling. And yet, Koreans routinely gamble when playing and although wagers can be large they are normally quite small where the winnings for a game is less than 2,000 Won ($1.70 US). In Korea it is known by two names, with three players it’s called Godori (고도리), and with two players Matgo (맞고). (more…)

Games and Learning Reflection No. 2

My participation in course activities this month greatly contributed to my understanding of games and learning. My focus is on videogames, although I understand and appreciate that this course includes many types of games and play. Previously, I had understood games as either games for […]

Videogames Designed for Acquiring New Languages Cycle 5

My continuing quest to find creative ways to support language learning through the use of technology has lead me to the language learning game Influent, which was previously named SanjigenJiten, as a working title. Influent was developed under the Monbukagakusho Research Scholarship at the University […]

Graphite and Me Cycle 5

In my previous blog post concerning my experience with Graphite, I wrote that I would purchase and download the Language learning game Influent and review it for this cycle’s post. Well, that has been delayed but for very good reasons. After reading more reviews of Influent I became even more interested in the game and decided to contact the creators and share my plans. (more…)