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Graphite and Me Cycle 4

In my previous affinity space blog entry, I wrote that I would become more familiar with the site and experience some of the interesting games and products that I saved to my Graphite board, which is located on my personal desk space. And so I did, and yet I never had to deliberately visit my chosen affinity space in order to generate material for my required blog post. I instead used Graphite to find and evaluate tools for a project that I am collaborating on in my other CU Denver course which is Facilitating Online and Blended Learning. The project is titled “Infusing Creativity into Online Learning” and for this type of assignment where else should I first look than the Graphite affinity space. I not only looked but found detailed reviews and information on the interactive video creation sites Zaption and EDpuzzle. Please take a few minutes to view the video below. Also, note that the video review is dated February 2016.


EdTech Quick Take: Zaption vs. EDpuzzle

After viewing the blog article comparing Zaption and EDpuzzle I was able to save the article, including the video link, to the same board where I had saved the products. I then created a new board and moved all my project related materials to that board on my desk. A nice, neat board with all my goodies neatly laid out where I can easily find them. I now have two boards on my desk one of which is titled Robert’s ESL Board and the other Robert’s Infusing Creativity. I quickly and easily saved the Influent language learning game to both boards as it relates to both focuses.

I not only included Zaption and EDpuzzle in the Infusing Creativity project but also embedded the Graphite video comparing the two of them in the project website. I also revisited my ESL board and further investigated the language learning game Influent, that I had saved on an earlier investigative journey. During the next course cycle, I will purchase the Influent game with the Korean language pack and post that review on the Graphite website. This will afford me the opportunity to restart my Korean language learning which I abandoned in 1997 after making very little progress. Therefore, in my next blog post, I will be able to report on that and also see if see if my review elicits a response from other Graphite members.  Instead of just lurking and taking I will begin to contribute to the space.

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