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Daily Create: Twelve Photos of 10,000 Won Korean Bank Notes

I couldn’t resist sharing this photograph of twelve 10,000 won bank notes for today’s Daily Create, #tdc1709. I have read a good bit about King Sejong the Great and I’m now learning the writing system he created, Hangeul. It is a very logical system and I am happy to report that after just a few hours of study I can now read most of the characters. The credit is his, not mine!

From the website:

King Sejong the Great (세종대왕 – Sejongdaewang)


If you don’t know this man, you will once you come to Korea. Everyone and everyone knows King Sejong the Great, probably one of Korea’s most famous people ever. He’s the type of leader that comes only once in many millennia, and Koreans are immensely proud of him. Here’s why: before him Koreans used Chinese characters to write Korean (awkward! try doing that with English!). But this great man came along and became most famous for leading the effort for the creation of a brand new writing system, Hangeul. Hold on. Maybe you didn’t get that. Try reading that again… the creation of a writing system (crazy, yo!). He makes us all look like talentless nobodies! But now because of him even the most casual travelers to Korea can learn to read Korean on a 4 hour flight to Korea (really). If you’re studying Chinese, you’re mega jealous!


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