the best of qualities is dispassion

Digital Story Response No. 4: “Nowhere Anyhow”

This short digital story is artfully crafted and presents a girl’s history that must be told over, and over again until we finally hear it and correct the culture which permits it. A culture that all too often strips away a young female’s self-worth and any “hope” she has of a future is absolutely heartbreaking. To tell a young person that they are going “Nowhere Anyhow” is an attempt to do this, as they are not only a failure but will always be a failure. Darcy Alexandra skillfully employs ethos, pathos, and logos to tell her personal story of a waitress, an adopted daughter, a coffee shop in winter, and her father to expose one such case.

With economy, as the story is only two minutes and forty-seven seconds long, Alexandra communicates her story using black and white images, which demonstrates that a digital story does not have to be shiny or flashy to engage its audience. In some of the frames, she starts with a closeup and then zooms out, which had a great impact on me, as I focused on the bigger picture which she is working to communicate. The soundtrack matches the story, and the tone of the narrators voice so well, that it feels as if it were composed for “this” digital story. Again, she demonstrates that noise and flash are not required in digital storytelling. The project was obviously well planned as it works so well as a finished product proves. Alexandra obviously knew her audience as she says, “…with thanks to …. 10 year old girls everywhere …” so that they may realize that there is indeed an everywhere.

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