1. Hi Robert,
    “I finally realized that digital storytelling has become an important outlet for people who feel the need to share their pain. I encountered so many tragic stories of violence, including war, child abuse, sexual assault, racism, neglect and more. Some of which were so painful and filled with emotion that I couldn’t finish them.”
    I will never forget seeing a guest speaker come to my middle school, he was a survivor of the holocaust and started his horrific experiences. There are not many survivors left and having individuals share their experiences through digital storytelling allows history to become and feel more real. —NG

  2. It was a joy to watch the story of Josef. And in light of your analysis I can say that digital stories can be a vehicle through which people can convey all types of experiences. People can talk about their successes, their failures, they moments of joy or sadness, their struggles, etc. Moreover to me the story of Josef can be seen as a reminder of the importance of the elderly people in the upbringing of younger generations as they usually have the best stories in the family. For instance Alex Haley was able to write his masterpiece “Roots” thanks to the stories told by Cousin Georgia, the only member of the older generation still alive when Alex Haley gets to work on the book. That’s why Haley later say that anytime he saw or heard that someone was a grandfather he wanted to hug him.
    Thanks Robert for sharing the story.

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