1. Travis Lee

    This is such a great video from a video publisher who is very thoughtful. Eastern philosophy is very hard to understand through the lens of western eyes. The very truth that were raised in western culture makes it difficult to grasp those concepts, we can understand them intellectually but to live them and to take them to heart means growing up in that culture.

  2. “The way never acts, yet nothing is left undone.” I read the quote over and over again. At first, I thought it wasn’t making any sense, and then I thought of a word, appreciation. When I encounter hardship in life, I feel pain inside if I blame the hardship. However, I feel peaceful if I appreciate the hardship because I can learn something from it. No need to act to change or manipulate any circumstance as long as my appreciation guides everything in its right place naturally. Through my Buddhist practice, I keep polishing my emotional intelligence. I’m glad that I learned about Wu Wei today which is an important concept in emotional intelligence.

    The illustration and motion in the video were very interesting and attractive. I loved the style and how it planned. I’m going to subscribe the channel as well!

  3. Karen


    I loved this video. It is so much in line with the way that I strive (yet often fail) to live my life. I think it beautifully illustrated the concept of Wu Wei. And I really like that you tied your digital story and your response & reflection together. It makes it really interesting to view both and contemplate on them.


  4. Hi Robert,

    An intriguing and thoughtful introduction to Wu Wei. I wasn’t familiar with the concept, but it certainly is a concept that is worth more exploration. The video was very well put together and had a flow or voice that made it very pleasant to watch. I plan to watch more of the videos from the School of Life.

    A couple of thoughts that stood out to me. First was the way they explained how someone using Wu Wei was like the drunk person who fell off the cart. Because of their lack of rigidity they are able to tolerate the fall when others may not. The key concept being that rigidity causes pain or hardship. And that rigidity can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

    The other concept that I liked was when they talked about painting, and how Chinese painters don’t try to get every detail correct in their paintings. Instead, they try to express the essence of what is important in a scene. I felt this was good philosophy for those of us who try to create, whether it’s paintings, or writing, or stories.


  5. Nicolette

    This video is certainly well done. It tells you so much about what you need to know to understand the concepts. It was easy to follow and understand, and the production value was more than sufficient. I actually took a look at a few of their other videos as well. Great find!

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