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Graphite and Me Cycle 5

In my previous blog post concerning my experience with Graphite, I wrote that I would purchase and download the Language learning game Influent and review it for this cycle’s post. Well, that has been delayed but for very good reasons. After reading more reviews of Influent I became even more interested in the game and decided to contact the creators and share my plans. They responded by provided me a key to download a review copy, and attached to their response they included a research paper prepared by the University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering documenting their research focused on language learning with Influent. I will, therefore, critique that paper for this learning cycle and report on the actual gameplay in my blog post for the next course cycle. For this post, I will focus on my review of the interactive video creation website Zaption. As I previously wrote, I included a short video that I created using Zaption in a course project for my other CU Denver course which is Facilitating Online and Blended Learning. The collaborative project is titled “Infusing Creativity into Online Learning” and my classmates reacted very positively to this web tool. The text portion of the review that I posted on Graphite:


I used Zaption to create an interactive philosophy video for a School of Education grad school project. The project was titled “Infusing Creativity into Online Learning” and Zaption was one of the web tools that we showcased. I was able to learn Zaption and create my video in approximately one hour. I included sidebar, as well as overlaid comments to help clarify the topic, and also a couple short assessments. I used the editing feature to cut the overall length of the YouTube video.


I appreciate the ability to add comments to a video in order to clarify content and stress the most important points. I also find the embedded assessments to be invaluable as I much prefer this type of active assessment. I did not experience the analytics but can only hope they are as well done as the features that I did experience. The reaction of my classmates was overwhelming positive and many are now anxious to put this tool to work in their classrooms.

And for those of you with a graphite account here is a link to My review of Zaption. I have received one like for my review and I am beginning to feel like I am earning my place on the site, as I am finally contributing. I will further contribute after I play a bit of Influent and will post my review of it on Graphite. Overall, my experience with the affinity space Graphite has been very positive, as I have been able to take advantage of the wealth of information available on the website and put it to work assisting me with my courses at CU Denver.

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