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Internet Privacy

I was recently asked to respond to the following questions for one of my online classes in eLearning. Oh yeah, my base camp site is this very site!
As you think about your own base camp site, and your work with learners in networked learning spaces, what are your thoughts about the issue of privacy? What are your concerns, and what are you going to do about them?
I’m deeply troubled by the lack of privacy afforded to users of mainstream Internet sites. I’m also very concerned how the majority of us seem to accept this lack of privacy as the cost for having a web presence. I agree with Boyd when she explains in her talk, The Future of Privacy in Social Media, that many of us don’t actually consent to the terms of use, but are instead “pressured to participate’ in these spaces where we are quite uncomfortable with the terms of use, and also the lack of privacy they offer.

In the future I will work with learners to help them understand the issue of Internet privacy and my concerns about it. I will reinforce this by scaling back my web presence and offer concrete examples of what happens to those who are too public with personal information.

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