1. Karen


    I have two points for your critique:

    1. I really like that you tried to find an article that related to the style of digital storytelling that you chose to create for this week.

    2. I find the acronym DUSTY to be quite unfortunate for the topic of this article — lol. Dusty brings to mind someone finding an old book in an attic that is covered in dust. Though, I guess, you could look at it as taking an old concept (storytelling) and dusting it off and presenting it in a new way (digital storytelling). So, that being said, maybe DUSTY isn’t so bad after all 🙂

    Great article. Digital storytelling is a great way to instill all of the concepts mentioned in the article in a way that is both fun and engaging for students.


  2. Well, great minds truly DO think alike! I also addressed the D.U.S.T.Y project in my blog entry this week. I am sorry to hear that the project is apparently defunct. Public education is now entering what is, in my opinion, a critical make or break phase. Using technology in the classroom is now becoming an expected norm but, as usual, funding is barely adequate to facilitate the technological innovation necessary to keep pace with countries such as Finland, whose students consistently outperform our U.S. counterparts.

    I agree with your assertion that current copyright laws are hindering our students’ creative abilities. It is interesting that in a world where almost every piece of music can be illegally downloaded, copyright attorneys choose to shut down student created videos whose only purpose is to express their artistic voices. They are not trying to financially profit from such videos. I understand and support musical artists needing to make a living from their creations, but I don’t agree with censoring student voice, especially when there is not apparent financial motivation to do so.

    Thank you for pointing out this crucial barrier standing in the way of student artistry.
    -Andrew Polson

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