1. Karen


    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! While I have not studied buddhism or eastern philosophy much, I can definitely relate to the idea of a clear mind. I often find that my emotional reactions and intellectual reactions are so different. I try to respond to things based more on my intellect than on my emotions, because I recognize that emotions can be irrational. Your article definitely makes me want to delve more into buddhism and eastern philosophy.


  2. Nicolette

    This idea of sustained engagement is one that I think can be applied to a lot of fields, not just storytelling. If you can master this concept, then one could be productive beyond measure, master procrastination, keep a calm mind and a clear head. There is certainly a lot of wisdom in these sorts of Eastern Ideas.

  3. As a Special Education teacher, the ability to focus is a skill that I constantly teach and stress to my students. Many students with disabilities, whether it be academic, emotional, or attention related, struggle to engage with any one task for an extended amount of time. I have experimented with meditation in my classes before, with varying degrees of success. Perhaps, I should revisit it. Any other mindfulness techniques that you might be able to recommend would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for sharing,

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