1. Travis Lee

    Hi Robert, I read your profile and I love Korea. My wife was born there and we went back to traveled around the country in 2014. I found the youtube that you are referring to and I must that it’s not very well produced but the message was sincere and well thought out. I agree that the audio and visuals could have been a bit better.

    I feel that next generation video will have more interactive component as building in participation and community is what digital story telling is all about.

    • Robert

      Hi Travis, and thanks for the comment. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed Korea. My wife is Korean and we met the and married the last time I was living here, which was sixteen years ago. And yes, building in participation is welcomed.

  2. Karen

    Hi Robert. Thank you for sharing this digital story with us! I actually have a few comments for your critique. First, it would have been helpful to include a link to the video (or did I miss the link?). I think I found it, but having a link would make sure that I am viewing the same file that you are critiquing. Second, you use some acronyms/terminology that I am not familiar with, so I would have liked to see them spelled out or at least have links to resources that would help me get an understanding of the terms.

    I also found the story to be compelling. I really enjoyed watching it 🙂



  3. Hi Robert,
    I really enjoyed watching the video as well as reading your critique. I was born and raised in Seoul, south Korea. I moved to Colorado when I was 20 years old. Now I’m 34 years old and still learning new expressions in English on a daily basis. I was totally empathizing with the digital story because I also taught myself English through TV, internet, social media, texting, etc. Although I attended ESL classes for three months and got my BA here in CO, I didn’t feel the joy of learning English from any of classes I took. I hope we can change vibe and make learning any language fun and exciting!


    • Robert

      Hi Hani, thanks for sharing your English acquisition experience and my hope is to change the vibe, as you suggested. My wife, Hyejin and I lived in Gangnam in the 1990s, before Psy and his style appeared on the internet. A Kpop boyband lived very near us and our street was often choked with their admiring fans. It was fun, but a bit noisy. This time, we live in a very quiet older neighborhood in Uijongbu-Shi, which is better suited to our endeavors, and my age.

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