the best of qualities is dispassion

The Need for a Tribe

One of the readings for an education course I am attending is titled ‘How to Build Your Tribe—Finding ‘Your People’ ” and was written by Marelisa Fabrega. Fabrega is concerned with our human need to be part of a group. She writes that “Noted psychologist, Abram Maslow, had identified this need to belong as one of our five basic needs.”

I don’t wish to be a contrarian, and yet I’m not so sure that we all have this basic need. I tend to agree with Friedrich Nietzsche, when he describes solitude as a virtue. I do enjoy exercising this virtue. I have no desire to belong to a group or tribe. At present, I believe that part of my lack of desire to belong might have been brought on by the selfish behaviors that are so prevalent in our society.  Although I’m not sure, as this aversion to groups might be just one more of my flaws. And yet, at least for the near future, I will continue to do my utmost to avoid groups.

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