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Visual Assignment for Week 3: Room Tour

My wife and I recently moved into this cozy little two bedroom apartment in Uijongbu-Shi, ROK. We arrived two weeks before the Fall 2016 semester commenced, so we furnished the space quickly. The computer and its monitor traveled with me as checked baggage. The day after our arrival we purchased the bookcase, desk, and filing cabinet/printer stand. The books were sent through the postal system and arrived our second day here. A few days later the ergonomic desk chair and printer were added and the office space was complete. Well almost, as my mother-in-law later provided the small Korean table and yo (bed), which I use to study “old school” when I’ve had my fill of the screen.


The Yo in the bedroom was also given to us by my mother-in-law who graciously made the curtains pictured in both rooms. The meditation altar and its artifacts traveled in my wife’s checked baggage. The air conditioner and the circular air-purifier were installed the week after we arrived, and are a necessity due to the summer heat and air quality. My wife jokes that she feels like she is bowing to our environmental machinery instead of the items on the meditation table.

The small kitchen space serves us fairly well, although I do intend to move the refrigerator across the room to make room for a small table and chairs. First, I must install a power outlet on the opposite wall to provide power to the fridge. Once the table and chairs are added our simple, comfortable space will be home.

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