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I’m Robert, an enthusiastic lifelong learner, committed vagabond, and global citizen. I live in Uijeongbu-Shi, the Republic of Korea with my dear wife of twenty years, Hyejin. I have two brilliant sons that I am extremely proud of; the elder is a sergeant in a sheriff’s department and the younger is a scientist working in medicine. They encouraged me to return to college and complete my undergraduate degree. And now, I’m in my final semester as a graduate student in CU Denver’s eLearning Design and Implementation MA program. 

In 2015 I completed my BA in philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Hilo after a thirty-five-year semester break. Prior to attending UH Hilo my wife and I spent 10 years living in our hand-built cabin above Nederland, Colorado. Before living in Colorado, I spent nearly 2 decades living abroad.

Last year, Hyejin and I moved to Korea and established a gongbubang (tutoring center) where we offer English and math instruction. We are also employed at a local hagwon (after-school academy) where we teach English and math. In the future, we will add Eastern philosophy to our curricula, as we both highly value it, the ethical values it promotes, and the variety of meditation techniques it offers.

Our long-term plan for teaching in Asia has always centered on teaching in a rural area. She and I have a strong desire to teach in an area that is under-served, and I hope to teach in, or near, a Buddhist community. We would like to attach ourselves to a rural nunnery or monastery, where we might be afforded the opportunity to work with refugees or people who have no other means to obtain a formal education.

The MA degree in eLearning from the University of Colorado Denver will enable me to use technology in my teaching here in Asia. In the end, I see a small school in an under-served area helping those in need, with traditional face-face courses, while also offering affordable online and flipped courses in math, English, and Eastern philosophy.